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Password Overview
All you need to do is copy your name and password from your e-mail to Page 2 Stage. It is critical that you do not type this in but that you copy it from your e-mail.

How it Works
The combination of the name and password unlocks the program. Basically the program takes your name and runs it through a program that converts it into the password. So the combination of your name and password must be exactly as we e-mail it to you. If you have a single character different in either the name or the password, such as a l instead of a 1 (lower-case L instead of a one), or a O instead of a 0 (Oh instead of a zero), or even fewer or more spaces between words in your name, then it will not unlock the program because the name and password will not match.

It Doesn't Work
If you entered your name/password and it didn't work, please start over and copy it from the e-mail and paste it into Page 2 Stage. Even if it all looks correct, somewhere in the name/password you have entered, it is incorrect. We get this question several times a month and each time, after the user has correctly copied/pasted their user name/password, it does work. Please just do it from the beginning again - it will work if you follow each step exactly - we promise.

I Only Have the Demo Program
The demo program and the regular program are the same program. The name/password unlocks the demo program to provide full functionality. But there is no separate regular program to download. You need to enter your name/password to unlock the demo program which makes it the regular program.

Step By Step
When you place your order you will receive an e-mail that looks like this:

Note: This is shown using Outlook Express as the e-mail program. If you use a different e-mail program the program will look different. But the mail message should look the same.
Leave this program open and this window up - you will need it shortly.

Now start Page 2 Stage. You will see this window:

Click on the button labeled "Enter User Name/Password."

You will now see a screen like this:

You are going to enter your user name and password in this. You will do this by copying from your e-mail and pasting into this screen. Do not type your username or password in here!

Note: If you already have a username and password entered here, click the mouse in each text box and press the Delete or Backspace key to delete all letters previously entered in each text box. Go back to your e-mail page. Select your name from the message. You do this by first moving the mouse (cursor) to the begining of your name and clicking the left mouse button. Then move the mouse to the end of your name, hold down the Shift key, and click the left mouse button again. You have now selected your name and the text for your name should now be reversed. It is ok if you get some spaces at the ends of your name - but make sure you get all of your name. The screen should look like this:

Note: Your e-mail program may reverse the text using different colors.

Now hold down the CTRL key and press C. (This is ususally described as press Ctrl-C.) This copies the text you selected from your e-mail into the Windows clipboard.

Now go to the Page 2 Stage window asking for the username and password and click the mouse in the text box to the right of "User name:" so the caret is blinking in that text box. Then press Ctrl-V (hold down the Ctrl key and press the V key). This will insert the name in the text box here. Your window should now look like:

Make very certain that you got all of your name, nothing more, nothing less.

note: Do not worry if you have spaces before or after the name - Page 2 Stage will get rid of all extra spaces at either end of the username and password.

Now do the same thing for the password. Go to your e-mail, select the password, and press Ctrl-C. Go to Page 2 Stage, click in the Password text box, and press Ctrl-V. Page 2 Stage should now look like:

Make very certain that you got all of your password, nothing more, nothing less.

Then click on the OK button. Page 2 Stage will exit. After it exits, start it again and it should go right in to the program without asking for the username and password.

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